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          Luna Skin is the first skin clinic in Australia to offer the NeoGenesis skincare range & treatments.

Why is it special?

Firstly, it is the unique ingredients and delivery system.  NeoGenesis is the only skincare range using epithelial molecules – they are the native skin stem cell molecules which when released, are identified by the skin and go to work to repair and restore what the skin is missing.  This is even more specific by the use of their delivery system – the molecules are encapsulated in what are known as exosomes and are ‘drawn’ to where the skin needs the most healing, almost like a magnet.  It is safe for those with compromised health and those going through treatment including chemotherapy and radiation, offering exceptional healing for skin trauma – making it even more ideal for treating EVERY skin including acne, rosacea, pigmentation, sensitivities, scarring, sun damage and returning your skin to its optimal state.  An ideal choice to address any ageing concerns.                                        It is important to remember, change at a cellular level takes time.   This can be up to 3 months or 3 skin cycles.                                                                                                             You can experience these skin-changing products in a treatment by booking any facial.

ONCOLOGY SAFE: NeoGenesis offers oncology safe products that soothe and protect the skin from the harsh effects of cancer treatments.

HEALTHY BEAUTY: NeoGenesis provides skin and hair products that are science-based, non-toxic, and safely treat a wide range of conditions.

PATENTED TECHNOLOGY: NeoGenesis uses stem cells that are resident in the deeper layers of the skin to release healing molecules that repair and rejuvenate.


Effective and Natural Beauty

Have you heard of Microcurrent?  It was made famous by both Paris Hilton and Madonna – it’s referred to as ‘the Madonna facial’ – and is one of the most effective, non-invasive treatments available.

Microcurrent addresses a multitude of skin concerns – acne, rosacea, eczema, pigmentation, as well as being a fantastic approach to addressing skin ageing.

It works by stimulating the body to produce more ATP (protein) which in turn promotes collagen and elastin production, while enhancing the cells’ micro-circulation and ability to hold hydration, so balancing the skin,  and detoxifying.   The result is smoother, plumper, brighter and firmer glowing skin. You will also feel a deep sense of relaxation for the whole body. 

I am absolutely IN LOVE with Microcurrent – and you will be too!


Natural Facial Rejuvenation

With the ageing process, loss of muscle tone occurs due to the reduction of the body’s natural ability to produce proteins and cell communication slowing. Our facial bones also begin to shrink. Adding to these changes are things like clenching the teeth, grinding teeth during sleep and during times of stress, even nail biting can create para-functions or unnatural repetitive movements of our face and jaw which long-term, result in facial changes.

Oralift® is an age management device – a simple mouthguard – developed by UK Dentist, Dr. Nick Mohindra, which retrains the muscles of the mouth and jaw to restore facial symmetry.

It was when working with patients with TMJ issues that Dr. Mohindra first began making customised mouthguards for patients, that he found they were returning with significant changes to their skin, and overall facial appearance.

Easily fitted, you wear this over the bottom teeth for a short period each morning and night every 3 days – initially for a period of 4 months – so just twice a week. You do not sleep in it … you wear for up to an hour at a time.

After the initial 4 month period, you have a break for 2 months, then begin again for another 4 months.

This protocol is for the first 12 months – after that it’s just a 2 month wear, twice a year.

The kit includes a code for an App with step-by-step support for fitting, recording your progress, reminders of when to wear, and ongoing support.

Results of Oralift® are impressive to say the least … I have used  and continue to use it myself , and seen improvement in my skin tone, texture,               firmness, and even pigmentation.

This is how Dr. Mohindra believes Oralift® works and has the anti-ageing effect: “When the muscles of the face are relaxed with the lips together the teeth are generally slightly apart. The space between the upper and lower teeth is referred to as the ‘freeway space’ and is usually 1-3 mm. At this relaxed position there is a minimal amount of electrical activity occurring in the facial muscles to maintain muscle tone.”

When Oralift® is worn, the magic begins… with no chemicals, no pain, no surgery!
NO CHEMICALS. NO PAIN. NO SURGERY. Watch my demo here >>

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