Holistic Skin Treatments

What do you feel you need?

>> To relax & revive with a holistic facial?
>> A detox and to manage breakouts?
>> To bring your skin ‘back’ to a more youthful glow?
>> Balance and extra care for sensitive, dry or dehydrated skin?
>> Brightening to address pigmentation, sun damage or a dull complexion?
>> A plan to keep and maintain your skin to look its absolute best?

My speciality is working with you, and to take out the confusion of choosing what facial will be right for you. 

I have chosen the very best of what is available in organic and clean skincare, exceptional peptides and stem cell technology and the most effective modalities to bring your skin to its’ full potential.

Choose from the following and I will do the rest!





The non-invasive facelift first attracted a following when Paris Hilton & Madonna – her ‘infamous Fork Facial’ – both raved about treatments and in fact purchased for their own home beauty rooms.

A Microcurrent treatment uses ‘sub-sensory’ electrical current (sub-sensory means you barely feel the current) to stimulate the production of ATP (protein which energises cells), optimise Collagen & Elastin production, and build the facial muscles ‘memory’ with lifting & toning techniques which results in long-term plumper, smoother & sculpted skin.  Microcurrent is used in the medical arena to treat patients who experience the condition ‘Bell’s Pallsy’ which results in facial paralysis – muscles atrophy or lose their strength.   Microcurrent is used as part of treatment to restore the symmetry of the face.

Not only for facial sculpting, this gentle current also calms the nervous system – aids in reducing inflammation – is effective for conditions such as Acne, Rosacea, Eczema, Psoriasis, Enlarged Pores and is a great detoxifier and regulator so improves hydration in the skin cells, improving texture and tone.

A series of treatments will give optimal results.

Microcurrent 1.15 hour treatment                                   $210

Microcurrent Facial 1hr 45 mins                                    $250


Like working out, results are cumulative and to ‘kick-start’ your skin, having treatments spaced close together – twice a week or once a week provide best results.

Book a Series of 4 x 1.15 hr Treatments                       $750

Book a Series of 8 x 1.5 hr  Treatments                      $1450 


European Facial

The European Facial is a classic-style facial, but SO much more. An important part of treating the skin (and achieving great results) is to relieve stress in the body and mind. Blending relaxation techniques and stress-relieving massage while nourishing the skin provides a perfect balance to support your skin’s health.  An ideal treatment for anyone with compromised health or recovering from illness/surgery.  Having studied massage for cancer patients, I adapt the treatment to suit – an important consideration for those who have undergone mastectomy and/or lymph node removal.

This is a beautiful gift for someone… absolute relaxation with customised facial, full back, shoulder, neck & scalp massage, feet & leg exfoliation and/or massage, and either LED or oxygen included if desired.

1hr 15min – $210

1hr 45min – $230



Bespoke Facial

The Bespoke Facial addresses every skin need. This treatment targets your ‘key’ concerns so breakouts,  acne, rosacea, pigmentation, dehydration, sun damage, loss of firmness & elasticity, ‘tired’ skin.

This facial includes contour facial massage, and a combination of 1 or more modalities including microcurrent, LED, oxygen, & ultrasound and, of course, lots of pampering.

Level 1    1hr 15mins –  $250

Level 2    1hr 45mins – $300                     



Sculptural Facial

The Sculptural Facial, developed by renowned massage therapist, Yakov Gershkovich, is a unique massage technique to lift the facial muscles.  I completed training in this technique in 2019.

I also have trained in the Advanced NeoLifting facial technique.

This facial is a total mind & body therapeutic experience – lymphatic drainage, breathing & meditation techniques, gentle muscle release, and incorporates buccal or intra-oral massage, so the inner mouth is massaged to release tight mouth and jaw muscles and relieve facial tension and headaches.

While this is offered as a ‘massage’ facial by clinics, your Luna Sculptural/NeoLifting facial also customises the appropriate skincare to support your skin even further.

1hr 45mins – $350


Get Glowing Micro-Peel

The Elaine Brennan Micro-Peel is ideal for anyone as a skin boost – particularly effective for treating pigmentation, acne & acne scarring, uneven skin tone & texture, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, fine lines & wrinkles, sun damage, milia. What sets it apart is there is no downtime and ANY skin tone is suitable for the treatment – something deeper skin tones are often excluded from due to the risk of hyperpigmentation.

This peel works by encouraging exfoliation of dead skin cells and debris while stimulating the skin’s natural renewal process.

During the week following the peel, the skin undergoes a renewal process, lightly shedding the outer dead layer – usually between days 4-5 and lasts for approximately 3 days. Not everyone experiences this, and if not, that does not mean you are not achieving results – the renewal process will still be in process.

Best results are achieved with a series – remember, we are reversing and repairing what sometimes is years of skin damage or chronic conditions.

Usually 4-6 Get Glowing Micro-Peels are recommended to achieve maximum results spaced 2-6 weeks apart, depending on the skin being treated, but of course, a Single treatment can be experienced to see what it can do for you.

 1 hr 15mins      $260

 Series of 3 Package           $700






Skin Tightening |   Pigmentation  |  Rosacea  |   Eczema  |  Psoriasis |  Scarring |  Acne |  Stretch Marks |   Skin Laxity |  Dark Circles | Hair Rejuvenation

JET OZONE COLD PLASMA is literally blowing up the skin world!!! 

No, this is NOT FIBROBLAST    … there is no downtime, no pain, no prep

Unlike Fibroblast Plasma, which uses an AC or alternating electrical current, the Jet Plasma device utilises  a direct current which produces cool atmospheric Plasma (a gas),  so doesn’t heat the lower levels of the skin so doesn’t produce any trauma to the skin’s surface – which is why there is no downtime – no red or brown spots, no peeling,  and no pain.  When the Plasma gas mixes with the atmospheric Oxygen on the skin, Ozone is produced which is both antibacterial & anti-inflammatory so this treatment offers solutions for many skin concerns – see above for what we can treat.   

Treatments are designed to be completed in a set of 3 (1 cycle) – spaced 48-72 hours apart, but weekly will still deliver!   As every skin is unique, cycles may be repeated to achieve the best outcome for you.    

I also include Microcurrent with the Jet Plasma – this will ‘strengthen’ your facial muscles, while the Jet lifts and tightens your skin.   

ONE treatment for you to experience what all the buzz is about!                      

Face OR Neck OR Decolletage                                                      $320 

Face & Neck                                                                                        $380   

Face, Neck & Decolletage                                                              $450

Treatment times are between 30-60 minutes

FULL CYCLE   3 Treatments  

Each treatment includes Microcurrent  or Ultrasound to enhance your results 

Face, Neck or Decolletage                                                           $800     

Face & Neck                                                                                    $1000     

Face, Neck & Decolletage                                                           $1200 


Hair Rejuvenation                                                                          $700       

Pic on the right shows results are 4 treatment sessions over 8 weeks          Courtesy of Studio Rose Aesthetics




Collagen Induction  |   ROSACEA.  |. ACNE.  |.  SCARRING

Microneedling  can be beneficial in stimulating the skin to produce more collagen and elastin, to remodel scars, repair capillary walls by strengthening them, target pigmentation as well as increasing the delivery of stem cell molecules and peptides deeper into the skin so they reach their target areas.  The Exceed Clinical device offers amazing skin outcomes – for age management, scar revision, pigmentation, rosacea, acne and hair loss when combined with supportive home care.  A thorough skin assessment and a recommended treatment plan will be suggested for you. 

As an Advanced Skin Needling therapist,  my aim is for you to have the  most comprehensive treatment – including the neck, lips, eyes and hairline.

Best results are achieved with a series of treatments – 3-5 are usually recommended.  Packages are available for multiple treatments.

Prepping your skin is also important – we want your skin to get the most from your treatments – so for at least 2-4 weeks prior, ensuring water intake is sufficient, adding Omegas into your day, and appropriate skincare will have your skin ready. Home care is an essential part of achieving the best results and it is imperative recommended skincare including SPF is followed for you to achieve the skin you are hoping for.                                       

Full Face & Neck      $500   includes return visit for Enzyme Facial & LED

Face | Neck | Decolletage (Chest)      $600   includes return visit as above

It is usually recommended a series of 3-5 , spaced 4-6 weeks apart, will give best outcomes.  Of course, every skin is different, so additional treatments may be appropriate.

Hair Loss Treatment from $300

Stress, hormones, illness can play a big role in hair thinning and hair loss. Microneedling the scalp is very effective to increase blood supply to the hair follicles to promote growth, when combined with appropriate hair serums.

Treatments are spaced 10-14 days’ apart.


# Truth ==> Your Home Care will contribute to maintaining and building on the health of your skin.


 Click on each item below to read more about the modalities I offer.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.


Microcurrent is a sub-sensory treatment which uses a gentle electrical current to treat the skin and facial muscles.

Our bodies are, in fact, electric – we have a natural electrical field within our cells. Microcurrent mimics the body’s electrical field which results in the stimulation of cellular function – induces the production of more ATP (protein) which is crucial for muscles to remain firm and support the skin – they are the framework your skin lays on. What are the results? Similar to lifting weights at the gym, Microcurrent stimulates the muscles and after a series of treatments, your muscles retain the memory of that position and so become firmer and more lifted.

Not just for lifting and firming, Microcurrent facials can greatly improve and manage Acne, Rosacea, Dehydrated & Dry skins as it detoxifies, calms and improves cell respiration & hydration.

​It is a painless, non-invasive holistic treatment and will provide a deep relaxation also.

If you are looking at an age-management plan, number of treatments will be dependent on your age, but can range from 6-10, ideally weekly or fortnightly, and then results can be maintained afterwards. Why weekly? We are wanting to build that muscle memory, just like your regular exercise sessions. You will still achieve results with treatments spaced out more, but it will take a little more time.

​If you are wanting to treat Acne or another skin condition, a plan can be discussed to suit.

Other benefits of Microcurrent are it increases Collagen and Elastin production, increases circulation, and provides detoxification so your cells are functioning at their absolute optimum. Skin is smoother, plumper – as Microcurrent improves hydration in cells – skin is brighter, pigmentation is reduced, pore size is refined, scarring is reduced.

If you want a WOW factor for a special occasion, this will give you that – it’s known as the go-to for Celebrities before a big Event so even 1 treatment will show!



LED or light emitting diode, uses light rays to heal and stimulate the skin.

Different colours of light are used for different skin conditions – Blue for acne, Red for rejuvenation, Yellow for Rosacea, Green for pigmentation, and also colours in combination.

​It is an effective treatment for a host of conditions. LED can be added to any facial or can be used in a series on its’ own to help with chronic conditions.

It is recommended when treating chronic conditions such as acne or rosacea, eczema etc.. that a series is undertaken 2-3 times a week for a few weeks to help reduce the severity. LED or light emitting diode, uses light rays to heal and stimulate the skin.



Oxygen is necessary for every cell in the body – cells use the oxygen carried in our bloodstreams to gain energy to to fuel all our living processes.

A skin with oxygen depletion is unable to function at an optimal level – nutrients aren’t carried and skin will be dehydrated, lose tone, and look sallow and lacklustre.

​We now see skincare having oxygen molecules added, so using oxygen in a treatment makes a lot of sense.  Specific serums and peptides are applied to the skin and infused with 92% pure oxygen …. with an airbrush and also through a dome which provides the added bonus of oxygen directly inhaled to assist the body.  The system I use also has an Ioniser within the unit, which adds Anions – or negative ions – into the oxygen for an added health benefit.  This creates an atmosphere similar to that experienced in a rainforest or near the ocean.   Oxygen may be added to any massage for extra healing.

Skin is immediately plumped, refreshed, smoothed and hydrated.  Also provides anti-bacterial bonuses for skins which are inflamed or reactive.

​Suitable for all skin types.

​A great ‘pre event’ facial – a favourite with red carpet celebs.



Ultrasound – Time Master Pro

Using sound waves, Ultrasound penetrates the skin and promotes collagen & elastin production, improves blood flow, tone, and with the addition of pulsed LED, sends lots of light energy to the cells for an extra boost.

​The Time Master Pro combines 90,000 soundwaves of ultrasound … the equivalent of a laser ….. and

LED to improve volume and lifts  & tightens the skin.  It will also improve skin tone and brighten the complexion, reduce pigmentation & scarring, smooth glycation and of course stimulate collagen and elastin production.

Like LED or other therapies, treatments can be done twice a week, with a series over a couple of weeks giving lasting results.

This treatment plumps and lifts the skin IMMEDIATELY.


PROFOSMA Jet Ozone Cold Plasma

What is Cold Plasma?  Unlike its’ predecessor you know as Fibroblast Plasma, the Jet Plasma uses cooler atmospheric temperature which avoids causing surface trauma to the skin ie no red dots, no peeling.  Cooler settings also allows us to treat larger areas as there is no ‘trauma’ or ‘heat’ being generated to the deeper levels of the skin.  The device produces 13,000 volts of Plasma – a form of energy – which penetrates deep into the subcutaneous levels of the skin.

What does all this mean?  This penetration of Plasma remodels the skin at the deepest level, stimulating collagen and boosting cell function, from the inside/out.  As the Plasma produced during treatment mixes with the atmospheric Oxygen surrounding the skin, Ozone is produced which has a calming, antibacterial effect on the skin.  This mix of energy & gases can treat can also improve scarring, stretch marks and stimulate hair growth.

The overall effects on the skin are skin tightening, brightening, pigmentation reduction, improvement in Rosacea, Eczema & Psoriasis conditions due to the calming effects and skin surface improvement,  scar reduction/revision, stretch mark reduction/revision, fine lines and skin laxity improvement.


Clients Say

Sharon G

“I began seeing Karen early last year after a recommendation from a friend – and now it’s me who recommends Karen to everyone. I have had a series of microcurrent treatments which I had never heard of – my skin became much smoother, brighter and my whole face, particularly my jaw area, was lifted and shaped – there was and still is a visible difference. I always leave feeling totally refreshed – and my skin looks FANTASTIC.”
~Sharon G.

Kirrily M.

“I had spent 2 years and a lot of money at another salon with zero results – after only a few microcurrent treatments, and using NeoGenesis products, my lip & mouth lines were finally improved. Karen is amazing! She really makes you feel special and you definitely feel pampered. ~Kirrily Marsh

Rania S.

“I found Karen when buying NeoGenesis from the US and discovered she used NeoGenesis here in Sydney. I love Karen’s non-invasive and holistic approach to skin – my favourite treatment is the Sculptural Lift – Karen’s hands are magic! I’d read about this technique so was excited when I found out she offered this. It involves a buccal massage – really releases the tension in my face & jaw. Feels amazing! Karen’s a guru on skin, and my rosacea-prone skin has benefitted tremendously from using NeoGenesis and her treatments.” ~Rania S.

Sandra B.

“My daughter first recommended Karen to me a number of years ago and I’ve had many treatments with her from facials to lash lifts and tinting. My skin has improved so much, and I often receive compliments. Last year I began a series of microcurrent treatments and the results were better than I had expected. My skin was so much smoother and had a really natural glow. The bigger change was my eyes and cheeks – the puffiness under my eyes disappeared and the skin was much firmer. I always enjoy my visits and leave feeling uplifted. I highly recommend a visit to experience what Karen has to offer.” ~Sandra B.

Sharon G.

“I have come to the realisation that it is so important to look after my skin and even more important that I am in the right hands. I leave Karen after a couple of hours feeling on top of the world and so pleased with my results. And I must say, Karen’s music makes the experience even more enjoyable.” ~Sharon G.

Felicity L.

“I love my time spent at Luna Skin and have been seeing Karen every month for more than 5 years. My facial is so relaxing I regularly fall asleep! I highly recommend Karen for her professionalism, care and the quality of the products she uses.” ~Felicity Lewis

Kate H.

“I have been seeing Karen for about 6 years and would recommend her to everyone. I have sensitive skin and have been hospitalised as a result of reactions to products, but with Karen, she only uses products that are safe and natural – she always researches her products and treatments to ensure they are of the highest quality. I’d definitely recommend for everyone, having one of Karen’s facials. I have never experienced a facial like hers. My last was before my wedding and my face was absolutely glowing and had never looked so good. Her facials go beyond the usual – with her massage training and techniques, I have never felt so pampered.” ~Kate Hammad

Kate W.

“Before I started seeing Karen, I was having my brows waxed at another salon. I thought I was happy with how they looked but after seeing Karen, I realised how wrong the shape of my brows were. They were too thin, had been over-trimmed and were uneven. Karen had to work hard to correct the other salon’s errors, and it took a while for one of my brows to fill back in so that she could match their shape – she’s an expert at shaping my brows to suit my face. Now I don’t trust anyone to touch my brows.” ~Kate W.

Libby C.

“I’ve been fortunate to be a client of Karen’s for over 5 years – and been seeing her every 5 weeks for my lashes and brows. In that time, I’ve had a number of treatments including facials, and always feel & look great after a visit. She is the ultimate professional. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my skin and beauty needs.” ~Libby Clarke

Carmel D.

“I felt wonderful after my massage … I’ll be back. Might have to alternate between massages and facials. Both are glorious!” ~Carmel D.

Mel R.

“I moved into the area 5 years ago and found Karen when doing a Google search.  What a find!  Karen is a lovely and caring person which shines through in her treatments.  She also has an abundance of knowledge on beauty and skin and has helped me with caring for my dry and sensitive skin.  Seeing her is always a treat.” ~Mel Russo

Renée Z.

I had THE most fabulous facial I have ever had with Karen.  It was so much more than just a facial – it was a complete relaxation experience and included some amazing massage.  I came away feeling so relaxed, like I had been on a holiday. My skin was deliciously smooth, soft and plump.  I highly recommend Karen to anyone who wants a deeply relaxing experience and beneficial facial. ~Renée Zaia.

Pam D.

I was recommended by beauty editor, Stephanie Darling, a few years’ ago to an organic product, and Karen was the facialist for the range.  I have been seeing her ever since, and have sent so many of my friends and family along, for the most relaxing, peaceful, pampering experience where you leave truly refreshed. ~Pam Doherty

Jenny B.

“Visiting Karen at Luna Skin is my go-to ‘happy place’ for facials, eyebrows and lash tint.  I walk out feeling 100% rejuvenated.  She is so good I travel from Canberra to see her.” ~Jenny Burke

Amanda S.

“Karen’s facials are truly the most relaxing experience.  I leave feeling euphoric and my skin has never been better.” ~Amanda Smith

Ellie G.

“Every time I see Karen, I leave with the most beautiful skin and I feel totally relaxed.  Karen’s facials are by far the BEST and I highly recommend Luna Skin.” ~Ellie Gordon

Tricia H.

“I have been seeing Karen for more than a year now, after being recommended by a friend, and just love my visits.  Whether she’s tinting something or working on my skin, I always leave feeling great. There is no criticism of my lack of beauty regime nor does she push the sale of her products, which just adds to the relaxing atmosphere – as do her great playlists!  Thoroughly recommend a visit with Karen.” ~Tricia Hales

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