It took me quite a while to get here – a few detours along the way – but I made it to where I’m meant to be.

As a young 16 year old in her first office jobs, I would take myself off each month .. . much to my father’s disapproval … to the exclusive and now infamous beautician (as they were called then) Eileen Lazar in The Strand Arcade. This was in the ‘70s … she had a small double shop salon, and at the time had enlisted her first apprentice to be trained under her wing – how I wanted to be that girl! I was transported to another world by the beautiful aromas created by the mix of lotions and potions, and even at such a young age, found the experience of having a treatment worth saving up for.

My career over the last 30 years has included working as a make-up artist and hairdresser for print media, television, and bridal to owning a hair salon, studying holistic therapies, and importing and distributing a make-up range which assisted many with devastating skin trauma and led to my nomination as a Telstra Businesswomen’s Finalist in 2010 for my work in this area. Along the way, I’ve been fortunate to work with some talented masters in their fields, and some inspiring survivors too.

I still adore those beautiful aromas I remember as a shy 16 year old who even then, realised the value of some self-care and how it made me feel.

What inspires Me

Is making a change for people – whether it’s a change in troubling skin conditions, a change in self, their confidence, or attitude, or how they feel. That is what I’m all about …. making every client feel good about themselves.


So, welcome…

I look forward to offering you the very best experience.


Karen xx

A little snapshot of how I got here…

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